There are many marked and unmarked cycle paths of various difficulties along the Slovenian coast. You can take the trip on beautifully arranged, asphalted bike paths, and for the more daring, bike paths also lead on macadam and forest roads, sprinkled with variously demanding ascents and exciting descents. The most famous bike path is marked, varied and quite undemanding, among Izola and Sečovlje. For those who want to explore part of the Istrian hinterland, the right choice is a medium-demanding cycling route around Tinjan. An interesting adventure across the Izola hinterland for more fit cyclists is an excellent cycling tour, 53.90 km long, through the Izola hinterland. You can find more about the three most famous cycling routes here. You can find more about the three most famous cycling routes here. A map of cycling routes along the Slovenian coast can be of great help. 


Running or walking

Along the Slovenian coast you can find many routes for different levels of difficulty. Both beginners and marathon runners can try their hand at them. One of the better known coastal routes is the route from Koper to Izola, which runs along the former Parazzana railway and ends in Simon's Bay. Although the route is varied and lively, it is definitely suitable for beginners as well. For even more ideas and inspiration, you can use the Endomondo app, where runners can post interesting running trails themselves. Trails designed for both cyclists and runners are also suitable for hikers and Nordic walking. It is an extremely healthy and natural activity for the body, in which we use most muscle groups, so we strengthen the whole body with it. If you are a fan of walking and hiking in general, then Nordic walking is a great upgrade that is suitable for all generations


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In the rhythm of the waves and healthy living

Awaken your body and mind with a relaxing morning run to the pleasant sounds of the sea or embark on an attractive cycling tour along the varied paths of the coastal hinterland. The Slovenian coast opens up opportunities for everyone who wants to spend their vacation with a full range of activities and varied experiences. The sea is our biggest playground! Dive into the sea and discover the underwater world of the Adriatic, sail with the wind in your hair or take a SUP to explore the cliffs of the Strunjan Landscape Park. A varied bite of adventures awaits you in all the hidden corners of the seaside towns and hinterland. Stroll along the paths with enchanting views, cycle among the olive groves and refresh yourself along the way in the traditionally imbued Istrian inns with a rich culinary offer.

Find your new sea passion

The relatively shallow Adriatic Sea, which does not exceed a depth of 35 m in the Piran Bay, is an ideal starting point for discovering the exciting pleasures of attractive water sports. With the SUP, discover the picturesque coast from the sea, take advantage of the favorable wind and sail towards adventures, look into the depths of the sea on a diving course or try one of the other adrenaline activities that the immediate vicinity of the sea offers.


Scuba diving

The varied seabed with rich fauna and flora is ......



Take advantage of the power of the wind and enjoy new marine challenges.


Stand - up paddlebording

See the picturesque coast from the sea side.



Feel the peace and tranquility of nature with each swing of the paddle.



Sail away with the wind...



Spend pleasant social hours on a traditional fishing boat.

Adrenaline rush

Fly over Portorož and enjoy the scenic coastal sights from the air! Whether you are by yourself or with your loved ones, start your day with this unique experience which will raise your heartbeat and create eternal memories you will retell many years after. .

Choose among a number of pre-determined flight routes or ask the pilot to create a route of your choice.

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